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Testing Q & A

Q: Where can I order the test?

A: Most of our customers have been ordering the test from BJU Press Testing and Evaluation. The phone number is 1-800-845-5731. Our Tester Name with BJU is “Johann Berg” and our Tester Number is 75001696. They will also ask for our address which is “162 Marietta St, Alpharetta, GA 30009.” Of course, you may order the test somewhere else.

Q: How much does the test cost?

A: BJU charges $29 plus tax for grades 3-12 and $39 plus tax for grades K-2 (these are the 2016 prices). This is for the core test and includes shipping. Any additional test will be charged extra (CogAT $29, Algebra Aptitude Test $18). When ordering additional tests, keep in mind that we charge an extra $20 to administer each one of those.

Q: How do I determine what my student’s grade level is?

A: This is a good question and, as simple as it may sound, it is not always that easy to determine. You decide at which level your student should test. The test that we administer in the spring is the end-of-the-school-year test. You determine for your student when they have completed the grade and test accordingly.

Q: Do I send the administration fee with my application?

A: No. Payment of $60 to the Homeschool Hangout is due on the first day of testing. We kindly ask that you bring a check.

Q: How long does testing take?

A: We test from 9 a.m. until around 11:30 a.m. on three, usually consecutive, days. Sometimes, high school students can do the test in two days, adding about an hour to each day. Additional tests have to be scheduled separately. Usually, we do those after the core test has been completed.

Q: What are the subjects of the core test?

A: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Information Processing.

Here is how we usually break it down by days:

Day 1:

Vocabulary 15 min.

Read Comprehension 1 25 min.

Read Comprehension 2 30 min.

Spelling 12 min.

Capitalization 12 min.

Punctuation 12 min.

English Usage 30 min.

Day 2:

Math Concepts 25 min.

Math Estimation 5 min.

Math Problems 30 min.

Math Computation 15 min.

Social Studies 30 min.

Day 3:

Science 30 min.

Maps & Diagrams 30 min.

Reference Material 25 min.

The 3rd graders have an additional listening test, which we do on the second and third day of testing after we completed the other subjects and older students have been dismissed. It takes about 25 minutes each day to complete.

Q: How can I prepare my student for the test?

A: We recommend that you start preparing your student for the test about 2-3 weeks prior to the test. We offer test prep books for that purpose.

Q: How often do we have to test?

A: The Georgia home school law states: “Students in home study programs shall be subject to an appropriate nationally standardized testing program administered in consultation with a person trained in the administration and interpretation of norm reference tests to evaluate their educational progress at least every three years beginning at the end of the third grade and records of such tests and scores shall be retained but shall not be required to be submitted to public educational authorities”.

We recommend testing more often than is required.  Test taking is a skill that needs to be learned. We recommend starting at the end of 2nd grade. The 2nd grade test is always in small groups of three or four students allowing more personal attention. This way, your student gains experience and will be better prepared next year when he or she takes the mandatory 3rd grade test.

Q: Will the test results be sent to me or to you?

A: The test result will be sent to you. We never see them unless you show them to us.

Q: Where do I have to send the test results?

A: You do not need to submit the test results to any government agency. Simply file them with your annual progress report.

Q: What if my student fails the test?

A: The nationally standardized test is not a pass/fail test. Your student cannot fail the test.

Q: My student is really stressed out about having to take the test. What can I do?

A: Make sure your student understands that it is not a pass/fail test, and that you are the only person who is going to see the result. Take time to prepare your student and give him or her the opportunity to practice days in advance of the test. If your student has never been to our facility, make sure you come by with him or her. Let your student meet Mr. Berg, the test proctor, and get all your questions answered. Do all this well in advance and not the night before the test.

Q: Is the ITBS Common Core aligned?

A: At this point, the ITBS test forms from BJU Testing and Evaluation are not Common Core aligned. They are the same forms that we have used in the past. In other words, there is no change.

Last updated 2/19/2016