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Art Classes in Progress

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Winter/Spring 2020/21

Art Classes For Young Artists
Instructor: Jo Spillman 678-209-9772

Classes start mid January 2021.
Class fee $89 per child – non refundable in order to encourage commitment

Supply fee of  $20 pays for drawing pad, pencils, erasers, extensive art history copies

To sign up contact art instructor at 678-209-9772

In Memoriam

In loving memory of our art teacher Kay Gartland


   Our gifted and dedicated art teacher Kay Gartland went to be with the LORD the Great Shepherd of her soul on Thursday, December 10, 2020. Kay taught art to many homeschooled students and parents at the Homeschool Hangout Bookstore for 16 years.

   Kay taught an amazing self-developed curriculum which made an accomplished artist out of everyone of her students. Drawing with shadows, studying faces, perceiving dimensions, and creating beauty with oil and brush were the substance of her art classes. Her own skilled hands and eyes were informed by her keen sense of beauty and expression. She taught from a faith-based worldview deeply rooted in the apologetic approaches and perceptions of culture outlined by the late American evangelical theologian and philosopher Francis Schaeffer whose video series “How Shall We Then Live?” were always incorporated into her class syllabus. Her classes were so much more than just art classes. Kay’s heart was in teaching the next generation of student to think deeply about the world they live in, and how cultures express their faith and values in the art they create.

   She will always be remembered for her sweet, gentle, and patient ways in which she interacted with her students. Parents, too, regularly engaged with Kay after classes, often for hours, just chatting, exchanging ideas, or counseling about issues faced in home education. She was always a good listener and a thoughtful conversationalist. All students and parents that had the privilege to learn from Kay, the Berg family from the Homeschool Hangout Bookstore included, will keep her memory in their hearts until we meet again in heaven where we forever will adore the greatest artist of all, Jesus Christ Creator of Heaven and Earth.