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Art Classes in Progress

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Fall 2019

Art Classes For Young Artists
Instructor: Jo Spillman 678-209-9772

Classes start August 19, 2019.
Class fee $89 per child – non refundable in order to encourage commitment

Supply fee of  $20 pays for drawing pad, pencils, erasers, extensive art history copies

To sign up contact art instructor at 678-209-9772

Fall 2019

Homeschool Hangout & Student Artists League Atlanta offering

Student Artist League Atlanta presents


At Home School Hangout, Alpharetta

Give your student art skills that open his mind to ART with subjects that often relate to art. Art makes history and science, concepts in government concepts interesting, memorable. These are to be passed to the next generation.

This Foundations of Art Class begins with drawing the contour (outline) of objects, followed creating the appearance of three-dimensional forms by using of light and shade with the pencil.  Using the same time proven methods as Masters of Art in the past, students will be guided step-by-step from simple drawings to more complex, culminating in pencil portraits.

The Roman Age, The Middle Ages and on to the contemporary period will be given an overview from a Christian worldview referencing God’s powerful Word. Proverbs tell us, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” The art of a culture reflect either God’s moral laws or the confusion that comes with a rejection of God’s standards. Students will glean valuable lessons from a visual art review done by Christian author / art critic Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer.

Class size will be limited for quality training purposes. 24 hours/$360

Wednesday mornings: 10:00-12:00, 12 consecutive weeks will begin September 18, 2019 with no class the week of Thanksgiving, and will end on December 11, 201. Class is created for people who love to learn, Minimal age 13 years and older.


(1.) Hard-back Sketch Book 9x12, or 8x10  

(2.) T-square, Plastic or metal

(3.) Faber-Castell lead pencils Variety, 2-H; B, 2-B

(4.) Erasers, knead- able; & smallest tip pen eraser by Paper Mate or other

(5.) Pigma micron pen, Black, 005  

(6.) Pencil Pouch

(7.) 3-hole folder to hold handouts 

(8.) Carry-all Bag

 Interested? Contact instructor Kay Gartland by email khgartland(at) or call her with any questions that you may have at 770-977-8049