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  In addition to our general online store, we have opened a dedicated online school store for Legacy Community Academy (LCA) parents. Use the navigation buttons at the top to shop your school book list.

   Please work from the list that the school gave you when adding items to the cart. If you have any trouble with our cart, please email us using the email link on our CONTACT page.

   Note:  We do not currently accept payments on our website. You have the option to pay at pick up, mail a check, or pay with cc over the phone if the order needs to be shipped.

    We are here to help you and look forward to meeting you in our store some day.

      Hanno & Peggy Berg


Our bookstore opened February 1996  in Alpharetta, Georgia. We sell  new and used homeschool books from the best publishers on the market. We offer classes, tutoring, testing, seminars, counseling, and encouragement for the homeschool journey. We have six children and eight grandchildren. They are the joy of our lives.  We hope you had a chance to watch the video at the top of our home page. Our daughter-in-law, Lynzi (producer), shared this sweet home-life video with us. They are 2nd generation homeschoolers which makes us very happy.

We look forward to serving you, Hanno & Peggy

Homeschool Hangout Bookstore

162 Marietta St

Alpharetta GA 30009

Phone: 770-569-4977

Mon - Sat 12 to 6 p.m.

 New Art Class with Jo Spillman  

starting in January, 2018

 New Art Class with Kay Gartland  starting in January, 2018

Upper Middle School/High School


Classes continue January 2018

Video produced by Lynzi Berg: Meet our 2nd generation homeschoolers